King Cooper's Story by Ronni Haston (King's foster Mom)


King Cooper is a 6-year old Ridgeback mix who was at the Shepherd of the Hills Humane Society from May 1 until he was adopted out by a young couple on September 25.

cooper1 cooper2 cooper4

He got to our Adoption Center after being at the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri for over a year (from Feb 2017 until May 1, 2018)

He showed the character traits of a Ridgeback and a dog who had not been well socialized - he was very reserved with new people, especially males - and so he stayed at the back of the kennel and didn’t show well and then became cage reactive after a few weeks so I took him to my house as a foster from June 1 while the adoption center construction was going on and even after, when we re-opened I would bring him in during the day where he stayed in Jayme’s office and came home with me at night because he was stressed in the Adoption Center but did exceptionally well in the office rather than the kennel.

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He was totally housebroken and knew sit, stay, give paw, fetch, and loved playing with toys, going for long walks, being a lap dog, and smelling the animals in the yard and woods. He never jumped on anyone and walked well on a leash. He was super well-behaved at my house and in Jayme’s office. Never got into anything that wasn’t his - never picked up my stuffed animals, we only had to tell him "no” once when he jumped on the couch or the bed and he never did it again. He could be left alone in Jayme’s office and not disturb anything.

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He bonded very quickly with me in the Adoption Center but took awhile to bond with my husband when I took him home to foster and eventually did. We never saw any aggression toward people except when he was in the kennel.

A few people seemed interested in him at our Adoption Center but no one ever came back again.

We contacted over 20 Ridgeback Rescue and other rescue organizations through social media and email while we were looking for a home for him. The Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescues said they only would only post pure bred dogs but several of the site administrators offered to post on their personal FB page.

Others rescue groups let me post about King Cooper and we got lots of likes and loves and shares but no follow up except a guy from Tennessee. Then this wonderful thing happened.

According to Jayme, one Saturday, a young couple came in to see the dogs because they had just gotten married and bought a house and “it felt empty”.

She wanted a companion and he wanted a running buddy. They were going to look at the Husky but were steered in the direction of King Cooper. The wife fell in love with King and King with her right away and he was more reserved with the husband. The husband didn’t know if King would have the stamina to run with him. They were going to think about it and decide Monday. I called them and spoke to her and she really wanted him so I told her that I had taken long walks with King and he never ran out of stamina and I did some running with him to see how he behaved and he did well. So they came in that Monday to pick him up. The husband told me he takes him running a few days a week.They go on long walks and curl on the couch with the wife and are super happy.

We got a photo of them with their medals after they ran the Tanger 5k that Saturday!

King in his Halloween costume!